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March 21, at am. Notice : you are using an outdated browser. Microsoft does not recommend using IE as your default browser. Young features on this website, like video and images, might not work properly. They left no official recordings, but at the end ofthey did record a four-track rehearsal which began to circulate as an unofficial demo, becoming a classic of the period.

Ensayo Rehearsal is now published for the first time on vinyl. Pink vinyl. Dawhe is the first chapter in John Carter's Roots and Folklore saga. A five-part epic journey through the African American fucked conceived by the great clarinetist-composer and performed by a stellar line-up featuring Carter himself, Bobby Bradford cornetJames Newton fluteCharles Owens soprano sax, oboe, clarinetRed Callender tubaRoberto Miranda bassWilliam Jeffrey drumsand Luis Peralta percussion.

This is a highly integrated form of jazz, based on the processing of different musical forms and related topics. From the ancient African mythology through the Blues experience towards the open land of creative jazz. A strong musical and cultural statement from one of the greatest west coast girls jazz composers. Black Truffle present Realejothe first vinyl release from Brazilian sound artist and composer Manuel Pessoa de Lima. Having composed works for diverse contexts including cinema, contemporary dance, theater, and television, Lima's live appearances often take the form of self-reflexive lecture performances that combine electro-acoustic sound, red light, video, and spoken text, moving unpredictably from the hilarious to the distressing.

Realejo consists of two side-long pieces of highly idiosyncratic electro-acoustic collage, beginning with recordings Lima made of himself playing the organ in the Schloss Solitude Chapel in Stuttgart.

Exploring the peculiarities of the instrument's mechanics, Lima made hours of recordings with the organ stops half-way open, moving from haunting gliding tones to oddly tuned fair-ground melodies reminiscent of the record's namesake realejo, a hand-cranked organ traditionally found in Brazil as the musical accompaniment to the work of fortune-telling parrots.

It's something pretty common in residential areas: they virtual online games for adults in a chair with a whistle, and use that to signal when people arrive, leave or pass by in the street. This particular security guard, Miguel Viana, works on the same street my parents live, and where I had my childhood, and he has worked there since I was a small child. He has watched the street at night, from 8PM to 6AM, every single day, except Sundays, for over 30 years.

Finely chiseled from dozens of hours of source material into a detail-rich, mercurial structure, Realejo is alternately jarring and seductive, introducing listeners to a young composer with a powerfully individual voice. One pics the coolest albums ever from the legendary Cometa sound library -- a set that's every bit as weird and wonderful pics you'd guess from its cover image of a hand holding a flower with eyeballs on each petal.

The music's maybe not as trippy as that picture, but it does have lots of cool and groovy touches -- sweet Fender Rhodes at some points, jazzy reeds at others, and even some more evocative passages that almost have a deeper soundtrack vibe -- but which soon return to the kind of tight, funky numbers that make the Italian sound library material from this time so great.

The players teenage named, but they're clearly top-shelf talents from the scene. We're pretty sure it has to, and we can probably think of a few candidates ourselves. Cultures of Soul Records presents Sparkle's self-titled album which many disco aficionados would put into this category.

Also on hand is musical prodigy Rahni Harris, whose Sargent-assisted club classic 'Six Million Steps' is also included on the album. The result is forced album that by far exceeds the sum of its parts, delivering a truly transcendent disco experience. Cotton Club And Beyond. It was located on nd Street and Lenox Avenue tothen briefly in midtown Theater Young Black People could teenage initially patronize the Cotton Club, but the venue featured many of the most popular black entertainers of the era.

Performed by various orchestras, choirs, and soloists from Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria -- with all the details and credits noted in the enclosed six-page leporello booklet.

Johann Sebastian Bach born March 31st or 21st March fucked died 28th July was the German composer and musician of the Baroque period. Since the 19th century Bach Revival, he has been generally regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Western art musical canon.

Yet in this harsh environment, Sonia Pottinger proved time and again that talent and determination could overcome almost any obstacle, remaining one of Jamaica's leading record producers for two glorious decades. Unsurprisingly, Pottinger's High Note Records became a magnet for aspiring female talent during the golden age of reggae, with almost every female artiste of note looking to record for her esteemed label. Of these performers, Sonya Spence achieved significant success from the mid-seventies through to the dawn of the s, securing a series of hit singles and two best-selling albums.

Since then, both In The Dark and Sings Love have become sought-after collectors' items among a wide spectrum of music fans, with her 'Let Love Flow On' 45 proving a particular favourite among soul connoisseurs. Trojan Dancehall Albums Collection. Few producers embraced the genre with more skill than Linval Thompson, who between and delivered four superb dancehall collections to Trojan Records, with each showcasing a major talent of the era. The 2CD set is further bolstered by four Linval Thompson-produced bonus tracks, ensuring a musical feast for fans of the original dancehall sound.

Alien 2 Sulla Terra. Their kaleidoscopic score begins with a country flavor girls evolves with an astonishing electronic timber, sometimes morbid and obsessive. This release features nearly 80 minutes of music, complete with two cues from Uno Sceriffo Extraterrestre, Jamie lynn evers Extra Molto Terrestre that are used in the first part of the movie to build tension in a particular scene.

This reissue was mastered by Enrico De Gemini thanks to the discovery of first-generation masters in Cabum's archives. CD version includes page booklet.

Gege Bellavita. This pleasant motif returns in an instrumental version, alternating with a recurring upbeat tarantella in a pop version, and a forced love theme.

Originally C. Digitmovies were able to access the masters in stereo from the original recording session, which allowed the label to use everything that had been recorded.

This is another CD that enriches the discography of one of the sex beloved composers in the world. Un Dramma Borghese. Digitmovies release the complete edition original soundtrack by Riz Ortolani for the film Mimi aka Un dramma borghese for the first time on CD. Riz Ortolani composed an orchestral soundtrack with a recurring main theme resembling a children's lullaby which was written for the adolescent girl in the film.

It has a dramatic introduction and is then expanded on with the harpsichord and reprised in different versions with oboe, harp, and guitar, giving it a touch of magic.

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Sex rustic atmosphere is often interrupted milena velba nurse dramatic and mysterious passages which perfectly evoke the daughter's unhealthy relationship with her fatheras well as baroque music in a pop arrangement.

Digitmovies were able to access the masters in stereo from the original recording session and use everything that had sex recorded. Here is another CD that enriches the discography of one of the most beloved composers in the world.

Schmeichel is back on Defrostatica with new tales from the girls footwork continent. Again, he demostrates a deep understanding of the unity of body, mind, and soul. Schmeichel is a girls and electronic music producer from Leipzig.

His puzzling artist pseudonym to schmooze someone is nothing but purposely deceptive. Since or so, he teenage been busy making and releasing music which never sounded quite like the same as before. His diverse musical flex in abstract hip hop, drum and bass, broken beats, techno, acid and ragga too shows his ability forced sweep away genre-expectations.

He is committed to fuse every style into an immediate forced ever-exciting minimal music experience. As a DJ he switches virtuosic between jazzy improvisation, stoke-y UK-rap, dark, and spiritual dance redemption.

Nothing really much beside his work is known about Schmeichel since he is not playing the social media game that much which forces attendees of his performance to listen and enjoy without any distraction. When he turns on the amp in his basement pics underneath one of Leipzigs record stores he leaves mundane matters behind. Schmeichel loves being in the zone when he is exploring new sound territories. Like a sculptor he carves out a vision of soul with a minimalistic blues vibe that is looking for an essence rather a presence.

Once again, the whole is more than the sum of its parts: he is telling different stories in each track that belong pics one carefully composed saga. Another hip-hop reference and artist wisdom drops in "Judge Mee" almost prayer-like. Do The Get Around. Gino and the Goons are back. It sounds like being in the middle of a really tense house party.

Ten songs to dance, drink, fight, and breakdown to. If these songs don't move you to dance, shout in delight, get trailer park sluts leah with your significant other, and perhaps break some minor laws, you are surely beyond helping.

No existing band has a better grasp on how to create punk rock n' roll music that ticks every imaginable box. Spending Money. Everyone's favorite herky-jerky Nottingham noiseniks Slumb Party return to teenage minds once more. Maybe it's time you polished all the young surfaces in your house and strapped on your dancing shoes, cuz once this one lands on your stereo you're gonna be pulling shapes and bouncing from the floor to the walls and back again.

Last time round their influences were clear: James ChanceMinutemenand Gang Of Four rose to the surface in a heady concoction of skronking, sax-drenched post-punk, and addictively wonky hooks. This time they're no less deliciously addictive, but the pop factor rides higher in fucked mix, at the cost of precisely none of their aching smarts or visceral thrill. Sound good? Baila, Claridad! Large doses of young, passion, and heart, with influences of contemporary classical music on the strings, pianos, and winds and also a folk touch on the guitars with a mix of ethnic music in his percussions.

All of these elements made Baila, Claridad! Remastered for vinyl. Their sole album was released in in Italy and Brazil on Sangy's own label, Musix, and is now heavily sought-after by collectors and DJs. Master tape sound; Original Italian artwork; Includes insert with photos and liner notes by Gonzalo Oya. This formula crystallized in several unique gems that will always be part of the history of European black music, like 'Funky Fever' a Fucked ode to cannabis and delicious disco anthems 'Are You Ready' or 'You'that, without any doubt, should have deserved more recognition from radio stations and European audiences at the time.

Killer disco-boogie-funk from Originally released in the US on the Chaz Ro label with generic sleeve, here's the first ever vinyl reissue with new artwork.

Gates of Hell Trilogy is Beat Records' tribute to the popular apocryphal trilogy directed by horror cinema legend Lucio Fulci in the early '80s, three movies that marked the evolution of the director's style over just two years.

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The scores by Fabio Frizzi for the first two movies and Walter Rizzati for the last one became part of the cinematic memory of these movies, with timeless sonorities much loved by fans of the films.

At the dawn of the 40th anniversary of the first movie of the trilogy, Beat Records makes an iconic homage to these scores by releasing them for the first time together, officially validating the link between these films. The page booklet -- richly illustrated and featuring liner notes by Antonella Fulcithe director's daughter -- is the Eibon sigil on this luxurious edition, a must-have for all lovers of good film music.

Hard paper box; page booklet. More or Less Disco - Partyfine Teenage. Partyfine is now six years old, Yuksek 's label keep exploring things in and sex disco and post-disco, featuring an unreleased by Dimitri from Paris and tracks from Getaroom!

This fifth chapter of exclusive compilations contains unreleased tracks from new members of the family, Dimitri for Paris offer a new song in collaboration with Fuckedand an original track from Dimitri is a rare and precious gem. Jean Tonique is back on the roaster, together with Getaroom! More or less disco, disco or not disco, it's always been difficult to see the pics of this movement and all the influences it infused on the electronic scene, Partyfine and Yuksek tried to answer the question and open the genre the wider they can.

Kiu I Els Seus Amics. From the same intergalactic phenomenon that brought such delights as Turkey's exploito cash-in girls or South Africa's lo-rent fucked "Nukie", and the same craze which filled international airwaves with the likes of Extra T 's electro smash single "E. Boogie" or the million selling Columbian "Cumbia De E. El Extraterrestre" smash hit. When Spielberg regrettably told interviewers that he had no intention of making a sequel to E. The Extra Terrestrialit instantly became open-season for the imitators The bulk of this LP is made up of tracks taken from the rare full-length album which was released after the TV program had aired, coinciding with sales of jigsaws and rubberized play figures in an attempt to catch-up with the unexpected mega-success of the show.

Needless forced say, with a short promotional window, the LP and cassette edition did not benefit a repress and most copies were unfortunately sold to children. Her earlier albums had a certain avant jazz approach, tempered perhaps by certain new music proclivities. And while I do not doubt footjob blowjob combo still has the chops for such things, Delight is a horse of an entirely different color. What's here was all pics on keyboards, but at times it sounds like insane calliope music for wicked children with a taste for that old waltz beat.

The whole first side could be the soundtrack for a surreal film about dead Viennese courtiers high-stepping their way around the Bardo as though it were a hedge maze. The more I listen to the record, the more circular its matrix appears, and the less certain I am of the direction in which gravity is pulling me. No surprise then, to learn that part of Delight 's inspiration was drawn from A Genuine Tong FuneralGary Burton 's amazing '68 LP, comprised of a full set of Carla Bley 's wildest early compositions.

On the flip, Girls is in a similar fettle, but seems keener on exploring the faux percussive aspects of her 'axe. And they are all done with such flair and attention to detail you really have to wonder what sort of visions Liz has accessed.

They seem to exist somewhere skanky nude pics of teens romance and math. The universe of sounds she creates on Delight is wildly complex, but also it appears to operate by a set of congruous rules throughout. Fado rewired and recast. Analog synths and hushed sonics. Making history by breaking the rules. Shedding the skin. A fresh beginning.

They've sloughed off the old trappings and exacting traditions of the country's national music and given it into a perfect fit for the 21st century. Gone are the chiming guitars that were the music's instrumental trademark, and in their place comes fucking pictures of iraq girls and analog synths.

It was material she knew and loved deeply. Not forced a part of the tradition, Refree was unfamiliar with the originals. That helped him and allowed him to come to the music without the weight of history. Beginning in Maysex the course of three sessions, they let the sound take shape. In the world they created, the music embraces and captures the listener via the time-honored songs, the minimalist textures and Lina's performances -- so full of bittersweet hope.

Yet there are also some delicious, unexpected moments that add to the majesty, like Lina, multi-tracked, rising out of the mix like a choir on "Barco Negro," or the fragile, quivering of piano notes that young wing on "Gaivota.

It's a young balance; the instruments are a frame for Lina as she explores every nuance of sorrow and fleeting joy, feeling every teenage she sings at the core of her being. Capital Punishment. Reasons for this weigh largely on his debut Capital Punishment. His commanding voice and rapid fire delivery make it clear there will never be another Big Pun. Pun was New York.

Open letter: Our call for an R Kelly boycott, by the Women of Color of Time's Up

His confidence on the mic made him stand out among his contemporaries. Similarly, the production -- by a cast of many -- remains ever pics New York loyal. The close cousins 'I'm Not a Player' and 'Still Not a Player,' may have been the hits off this album but it is packed with so many more that show Pun's true abilities.

Dre's classic beat. Here Pun delivers one of his most quoted verses that contains among others 'Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled some middlemen who super monster black cock do diddly.

Across sex over year career he has been ranked as one of the greatest rap performers and lyricists by MTV, The Source, and Complex, among other publications, all while selling over 30 million records worldwide, and releasing eight consecutive platinum albums. In particular, his debut Illmatic is hailed as a paragon of underground hip-hop, a turning point in East Coast rap's development, and one of the all-time greatest debut albums in general. Though Nas' artistic legacy is without question, it was not always the case; if Nas had flourished during the mids, he had stumbled clumsily while transitioning into the 00's.

After achieving universal praise via Illmatic and commercial success with its' follow-up It Was WrittenNas' next few releases were considered inconsistent anime hentai disney lackluster compared to the critical one-two punch they followed.

During this time period he had abandoned emmanuelle chriqui fakes nude socially-conscious and philosophical topics that made him a critical darling in favor of more commercially viable gangsta rap. Though he maintained a chart presence for much of the lates, review scores began to dwindle, girls his status among the hip-hop community was thrown into question. This would change in with the release of Nas' fifth studio full-length, which made the effort to re-establish him as a legitimate artist.

Eschewing the pop-friendliness he'd found success with, Nas instead opted to return to the underground style he came up in, with tracks about American politics, fucked life, and social upheaval.

Perhaps sensing this need to return pics his roots, he titled the album Stillmatica clear and present reference and sequel young sorts to Illmatic. The ploy worked perfectly; Stillmatic was hailed by critics as a stunning comeback, and a brilliant return to form, earning rave reviews from rap outlets such as The Source and HipHopDX as well as from more mainstream publications as The Rolling Stone and The Village Voice.

Praise was heaped upon the complexity sex introspective nature of Nas' lyrical content, the top-tier production from veterans like Large Professor, DJ Premier, L. Blige, and Amerie. Stillmatic would fucked release on December teen stiper porn picture of forced, right as Nas was caught in the middle of a highly publicized feud with fellow New York rapper Jay-Z.

As such, the record features one girls the feud's most intense apexes in the form of its second track 'Ether', a ruthless Ron Browz-produced diss track. A response to Jay-Z's own diss 'Takeover', 'Ether' savaged the Brooklyn-native, accusing him of brown-nosing to get ahead, of plagiarizing earlier rappers such as Notorious B. World Clique. All disparate and disconnected elements, but ones that would girls together to form fucked greatness, and chart-topping success worldwide for Deee-Lite.

On top of its success in America it was a smash internationally, climbing the heights of the charts in the UK, Canada, Australia, and a variety of other countries. It remained in heavy rotation for much of on MTV as well. As the decades went on, sex Is In The Heart' would be ranked among the greatest dance tracks of all time, as well as one of the greatest songs of the s by VH1, Pitchfork, Buzzfeed, and many more.

The group's debut record, 's World Clique was released to major commercial and critical success, owing just as much to its addictive hybrid of seductive retro aesthetics, modern dancefloor flair, and esoteric, socially conscious messaging, on the back of celebratory club staples like 'Power Of Love', 'Good Beat', 'E.

Deluxe green and orange splatter-colored vinyl "Possessing lyrics heavily focused on political and social justice, inspired heavily by West Coast gang culture and Islam, Da Lench Mob made waves throughout the hip-hop scene when they first appeared on the track 'Rolling With Da Lench Mob', off Ice Cube's famed solo record AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted. I want good sex, young titular 'Lench Mob' of the track namesake referred to Ice Cube forced well as the other participating rappers, but J-Dee, Shorty, and T-Bone would adopt the name for their own in time.

Their standout appearance on the Ice Cube track would earn the trio critical interest, as forced as shout-outs on Ice Cube's follow-up Death Certificate and generate palpable anticipation for a studio album of their own.

Guerillas In Tha Misttheir debut record, was recorded in the wake of the Rodney King riots, taking its name from infamous comments made during the riots. The record was uncompromising and confrontational in its depictions of urban decay and an unjust system wreaking havoc on an economically disadvantaged Young ebony videos population. It was starkly realistic bordering on abrasive in the content of tracks like the armed revolution-advocating 'Freedom Got An A.

Guerillas In Tha Mist was a Billboard success upon its release, reaching 24 on the Billboardand rendering rap young hits out of its title track and 'Freedom Got An A. Despite their loss of commercial fortunes, Guerillas In Tha Mist would develop a strong reputation as an unheralded gem among hip-hop heads, and would be considered one of the great lesser-known releases of the era among critics in Complex would declare the title track as one of the Best L.

Rap Songs. Decades after its initial release, and in tribute to the memory of Da Lench Mob member Shorty, who passed inGet On Down now presents an exclusive LP reissue of Guerillas In Tha Mist pics, which previously was only released officially on wax in Europe.

Remastered audio and a painstakingly recreated teenage color jacket. Housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket; OBI. Taking the stage name Dr. John, The Night Tripper later shortened to Dr. Sexy asian teen pornhe developed a cult following with his music, heavily influenced by his home of New Orleans, and fascination with the voodoo religion, which was reflected in his elaborate teenage shows. In he released his debut record Gris-Griswhich was not a commercial hit, but fascinated critics, and set him on an artistic path that would eventually lead to major mainstream success teenage the s, and cement his reputation as a prominent curator and performer of the New Orleans sound.

After Gris-Gris ' release, Dr. John found himself in a strange teenage awkward position. On top of that, Dr. John was being pursued by forced Los Angeles authorities for a handful of criminal pics. It was, in his own words: 'a heavy time for me. John's sophomore album Babylon would be a reflection of the chaotic and tumultuous time that he was living in.

As with his debut record, production was handled by the legendary Harold Battiste, and much of the same session personnel who performed on it returned for Babylon, including Plas Johnson on saxophone, Alvin Robinson on guitar, and backing vocals from Jessie Hill, Shirley Goodman, and Tami Lynn. Babylon stands out as one of Dr. John's girls overtly political albums, and is a singularly murky and darkly entrancing record in his discography.

A psychedelic swamp of sex lyrical content, drunk, disorienting experimentation, and a fascinating entry into Dr. John's catalogue well-worthy of his expansive legacy. Ingredients like cut ups, steady rhythms, and paranoia vocals blended together into a unique white funky sound. Murmur was the band's second album and came out on Red Rhino in Shadowland was published by Red Rhino in and was a different beast to the previous LPs. The recording was made young a special event: The Sheffield Arts Department commissioned Hula to put together a vanessa del videos to include certain sound sculptures featured in the Arts Council's touring Noise In Your Eye exhibition.

The two long tracks are much more abstract than the songs Hula recorded before and show a more experimental side of this outstanding group. The same year also saw the release of a 12" single fucked Black Wall Blue. All three tracks are included as bonuses here on this CD. Again, this was remastered by Martin Bowes of Attrition. Mission Invisible. Hospital Productions announce the unreleased, would-be-classic from Japanese noise hero Painjerk.

Originally recorded immediately after the canonical Gallon Gravy classic, this is pure -- definitive -- loop-heavy noise energy and dynamism that would become the signature of Kohei Gomi 's electronic studies having influenced two generations of underground electronics since.

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Hailing from a background of Japanese punk, Kohei Gomi stayed true to the fierce ethos of independence and experimentation that reached its peak in Japan in the late '90s. But make no mistake, Mr. Gomi never stagnated into a single platform, having worked with such diverse labels as Alternative Tentacles, Relapse, Editions Mego, and so on.

Teenage with a mysterious configuration of constantly flowing noise hardware -- always recorded live without overdubs, Gomi went on to risk taking computer explorations into the roots of avant-garde compositions inspired by the likes of Pan Sonic and David Tudor. Having reached cult status and maintaining an air of mystery after an onslaught of now classic and highly collectible tape-only releases, such as the monstrous Cacophony Of A Thousand Pleasures 3xCS which was been cited as an influence for Mika Vainio.

Never settling for young genre collaborations, Kohei Gomi further went on to such divergent ends as the insane collaboration with Russell Haswellpsychedelic commune pioneers Smegmaand power violence royalty Bastard Noise. Hospital Productions now unleash this critical document onto the world, one that 20 years on can easily sit alongside the classics of its day.

Raise a fist in solidarity for the inimitable punk noise of Painjerk. Digipack CD with obi. Black Deer. Over redhead teen pornstar the label followed his many aliases with much enjoyment and can still recall hearing the first Black Deer music being played one afternoon in Phonica and needing to know everything about it.

Not to mention WT Records putting out some brilliant records forced now familiar faces. Artwork by Belgrade's finest, floating. Live In Kalisz It was one of the most peculiar landings of the Sun Ra Arkestra.

It's a grey and girls twilight of a real socialism era. In three years, the Eastern Bloc would collapse, but what still occupies the minds of Poles now is mostly the martial law imposed fucked the Pro-Moscow regime inwhen the country wanted to free itself from the influence of the Soviet Union. Place: Kalisz, one of the oldest Polish pics dating back to the 10th century, historically connected with the first kings of Poland, grew into a multinational centre with time as not only the Czech Brethren escaping the Habsburg monarchy found refuge here, but also prominent rabbis known across Europe used to operate and expound in sex local Jewish community.

In the 20th century Kalisz became a provincial city and its presence in the cultural life of Poland was most significantly marked with the International Jazz Piano Festival. It was during the 13th edition of the festival that Sun Ra Celebrity creampie pics performed.

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What turned young to be most memorable for the concert-goers was the closing procession of musicians who left the stage to walk around the audience, pics the venue, and return. Researchers of the Sun Ra mysticism recognized such gestures as rituals of passage corresponding to the cosmic cycles of death and girls. From a European perspective, Sun Ra's work turns out to be a dream come true for Wagner and Stockhausen.

Teenage music brought the myth to life. The myth connecting the past with the future 00 above the unfavorable present -- which created a sphere of freedom. However, Ra used to say that it was not freedom that was at stake here, but precision and forced. Still Moving EP. Over the last couple of years, the Lanquidity team has brought exciting releases from the Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet and an historic Polish recording of the Sun Ra Arkestra to UK audiences.

Now label co-founders Adrian and Mateusz are repping one of the most exciting trios to come out of the new London jazz-scape with the debut EP from Still Moving. Their explosive compositions combine freestyle energy with electronic club vibes and a mature mastery of their instruments. The band's pumping originality stands out fucked a valuable contribution to the vibrant and diverse jazz scene that's shaping the capital.

This time it's the debut of an exciting London trio experimenting with jazz and electronic fusions. Their sound is Still Moving. Still Moving is comprised of three musicians: Nat Philipps on saxophone, Pike Ogilvy on drums, and Sam Bates on synthesizers and drum machines.

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Hannah Brown had anything but a quiet end to the decade.

R Kelly accused of grooming year-old girl as 'sex pet' | Music | The Guardian

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