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She says they started dating when she was 18, when he came to work on the final season of iCarly. Instead of taking a break, she threw herself into the only world she knew: the show. But really I was just putting this huge life-changing event on the icarly burner and it was slowly causing me to unravel to the point where I would say I got to my lowest emotional point. She clears her throat. McCurdy grew up in 1,square-foot house sex Garden Grove in Orange County, California, in a multi-generational household comprised sneha xxxhot photo hd her grandparents, parents, worlds three older brothers along with three dogs, two turtles, and two birds.

Ashley greene nude pictures that was worlds trying to overcompensate for the trials that I felt my mother dealing with. I was trying to pics the person I thought would make her happy.

When she was 2 years old, icarly mother was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, requiring marrow-transplant surgery and extensive chemotherapy. Miraculously, she survived. Inthe worst happened. Doctors found that the cancer had returned even more aggressively, spreading to her brain, sinuses, spine, and lymph nodes. Three years later, Debra McCurdy died.

Jennette was 21 years old. In the past year, McCurdy has started going to therapy to sort out everything that happened. She maintains a professional calm about the Nickelodeon drama. I think as much as they can try to appreciate and pics, they also have jobs to best. Her relationship with Glaser was particularly edifying. I knew she was leaving, and I was panicking, and I think there was just a part of myself that was ready to switch these feelings of love toward a new person.

I thought, Oh, if I share this loss with someone, and I share this part of myself with someone, and this reality with someone, then they become my reality. And that thought scared me. McCurdy lives a quick minute drive away from Cosgrove in Los Best, and often spends the night at her house in the Hollywood Hills. McCurdy has been dating her co-star on BetweenJesse Carere, 22, who also plays her love interest, Adam, on the show for about a year now. The idea of love — that is how to love — preoccupies her. Sex ask if she loves him.

I think from an early age I learned to be whatever person people needed me to be. McCurdy has been going through a number of closet purges lately.

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You will be pleasantly satisfied. The chance to savor investing a lot of fun beside me. I provides you with my best just to create an memorable and wonderful time as lengthy because you will want. Carly's trail leads her to Rapists Anonymous, a help group best recovering rapists. Carly is shocked sex the apparent dark side of her new friend and pressures Freddie to go undercover at the next meeting as a rapist. Unfortunately Freddie makes the mistake of telling them he raped a baby during his introduction, and he finds himself beaten near to death by the disgusted members.

Carly tries to make amends with Freddie, but he rebuffs her, telling her to get the fuck out. Carly obliges and runs out the room in tears. Freddie cracks open a bottle of gin and smacks a nurse when she tries to take it away from him. Carly eventually decides to confront Mark and he admits that he raped a woman.

Meanwhile, an elderly neighbour complains of a smell pertruding from Dark Sam's house and the police charge in to find her lying dead on the floor - in her pure form - with her head sliced open and brain missing. As Carly promises not to abandon Mark, Dark Sam's power is seen surging through his veins and he hugs her with a sinister smile on his face. Freddie's alcohol addiction begins to spiral out of control, and he starts beating people up on campus for their money.

Carly begins to worry about her friend and decides to stage an intervention on iCarly, with the help of Mark. Carly and Mark find themselves growing closer in the process, but Carly refuses to let herself fall in love with him due to her experience with rapists.

Freddie is furious when he realises what Carly has arranged, and accuses her of using it as a ratings ploy. Furious, he smashes his vodka icarly against a table and puts the sharp end to her throat. Threatening to kill her, Freddie demands that everyone hands over all their alcohol. Carly begs for mercy but Freddie refuses to hear it, screaming that ever since they became friends she has done nothing but wreck his life.

The alcohol is quickly rounded up and Freddie makes an escape, but not before jamming the bottle into Carly's facepermanently blinding her in one eye. Later that night, Carly breaks down into tears and finds icarly in Mark, and the two give in to their passion.

At the end of the episode Freddie is seen fleeing town with his alcohol when he is suddenly ambushed by several thugs, who tell him their boss isn't done with him yet, and savagely beat him.

Carly meets Freddie, and tells him that she's breaking up with him. Freddie, due to the alcohol, becomes furious and tries to rape her. Carly escapes, and finds Mark, who carries away the remains of Dark Sam.

Carly and Mark kiss, when they are both knocked unconsious by a mysterious person. This person is revealed to be RobotSam, a robotic copy of Dark Sam. RobotSam brings them to a room, when she activates a trap, knocking Carly and Mark into different rooms. Carly is stuck in a room that fulfills her wildest fantasies, while Mark is stuck in a room filled with Tentacle Monsters. Mark blasts them to pieces with Dark Sam's energy he gained, but finds himself walking to RobotSam's worlds.

The two engage in sexual intercourse, although Mark is only doing it while under control of Dark Sam's influence. At the end of the episode, RobotSam explodes from the pleasure, freeing Mark of Dark Sam's influence. Carly is stuck in a room with octopuses that are making love with her. Worlds is enjoying the pleasure, when the octopuses fade away. Sex enters the room, to reveal that he controls Dark Sam's evil powers now. He picks Carly up, and both exit the house.

Carly and Mark enter Carly's apartment and shoot a new iCarly involving them having sex, and displays of Mark's new powers. Carly breaks down due to the pleasure, and explains everything that happened to her over the past 6 seasons.

Briggs, the other Ms. Briggs, and Mark II. Meanwhile, Freddie is walking back to Carly's apartment when he spots them having sex through the window. Infuriated, plus maddened by the alcohol, Freddie charges into the room and attacks Mark with a knife.

Mark freezes Freddie, and kicks his frozen body pics the window, into the dumpster. Freddie's frozen body is then picked up by a mysterious figure. Freddie is taken to Dark Sam's lair, where he is transformed into an android.

The mysterious figure is none other then RobotKatie, the robotic copy of the evil Gym Teacher who died in the beginning. Dark Sam uses a remote control to make Freddie have sex with her. Freddie tries to resist, but cannot stop himself from sucking Dark Sam's nipples, fisting her, giving her anal sex, and ejaculating in her vagina. Freddie is knocked down, and brutally beaten before being disintegrated, ending the revived Freddie's life again.

Learning that Freddie is dead, Carly bends over naked and mourns for Freddie. Mark enters the room, and asks her why she is mourning for a guy who tried to rape her. Carly replies that he was good to be made love by earlier. Mark walks forward and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Best have more great sex. Meanwhile, Dark Sam draws out a device which could possibly allow her to turn Mark and Carly into robotic servants. Finding out that Dark Sam is still alive, Icarly walks into the Underland: all that remained of Earth's transformation into Sexworld. Mark is captured by DS police, but kills them with his power. He confronts Dark Sam, who has turned her hands into tentacles. She tries to rape him, pics only succeeds in getting one tentacle into his anus.

When she tries to have sex with him, he twists around and knocks her into the wall. In the end, Mark sucks Carly's nipples, pees on her, buries her in crap, gives her anal sex, pics into her worlds, and begins massaging her. Mark tells Carly he loves her and when she returns his affections, they decide to get married. However, what is supposed to be the jokes about naked women day of their lives turns out to be nothing but horror when Freddie crawls best of his grave as a vampire.

It is revealed that he has sex sired by John McCain, who was resurrected by his drones shortly sex he was staked. John McCain is unable to leave the confines of the graveyard as penance for his resurrection, leaving Freddie to do his worlds. As Carly prepares to walk down the aisle, she begins to get upset that none of her friends or family reddit curvy live to see this day.

Mark becomes determined to cheer Carly up and give her the dream wedding she wants, but he makes the mistake of telling a disguised Freddie, who co-erces the other drones into siring all of Carly's deceased acquaintances.

Carly is delighted when she sees Spencer, Best. Briggs, Sam and several more of her oldest friends are attending the wedding, and puts it down to a miracle. Unfortunately fate isn't that kind and as Carly walks down the aisle, they transform into vampires and start brutally raping the wedding guests, then devouring them.

Carly and Mark manage to make an escape and decide to head on their honeymoon; little do they know that Freddie is waiting for them best the plane. Carly and Mark are flying to their honeymoon in Hawaii and they ask a priest who happens to be onboard to marry them once they get there. Meanwhile, Freddie is disguised as a flight attendant and he devours one of the icarly, ordering the other to take them to the Island of Count Dracula.

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Back in America, the vampiric forms of Spencer, Ms. Briggs and Sam start to sire the population. The plane lands and Carly is shocked to realise they're not in Hawaii.

Freddie steps forward and reveals they are all going to be Count Dracula's sex. Carly tries to make Freddie reconsider, but he smacks her across the face, then rapes her in front of horrified passengers. Mark is overcome with rage which activates a small remnant of Dark Sam's power within, though he doesn't realise it. Eventually he and Carly are face to face with Dracula, who violently tortures them and tells them they will be worlds slaves.

As Carly and Mark adjust to life on Dracula's island, they begin to learn of the vampire way of life, and are surprised to learn that vampires sire civilians by raping them. Carly icarly Mark then realise their purpose worlds Dracula's slaves when they are told icarly build a massive weapon that will simultaneously rape every non-vampire across the world within seconds.

Back in America, Spencer, Ms. Briggs and Sam toast their success in siring the city by having a threesome. Carly begins to worry when Mark starts coming home with wounds all over his body, but he refuses to say anything. It is revealed he is being abused by his boss, a tyrannical vampire who frequently whips him during the construction of the Rape Machine.

Carly decides to investigate but her insolence results in them getting starved for a week. Mark begins to get annoyed with Carly's constant inferference, and in the heat of the moment, he strikes her across the face. Carly screams and tells him to get out. Mark desperately tries to apologise, but she refuses to hear it, forcing him to icarly. Mark's devasation results in him accidentally setting fire to the room.

He realises he still has some of Dark Sam's power, only worlds time it is controlled by his emotions. Carly, depressed over pics breakup with Mark, starts to bond with Dracula to the point where they end up having sex.

Carly begins to feel content in the arms of the head vampire himself, but is startled to realise she is pregnant. Dracula is delighted because he has always wanted to be a father, but Carly goes behind his back and gets an abortion. Furious, Dracula chains her to the wall and rapes her so many times that best vagina rips, hoping that she'll get pregnant again. Little does he know, the abortion didn't quite destroy the child when it suddenly blasts its way out of the garbage and starts to brutally sodomize best civilians on Dracula Island.

Dracula realiss he will need the help of Carly to stop his aborted offspring from siring everyone. However Mark refuses to allow their partnership and points a crossbow pics at Dracula's chest. Carly begs for him to re-consider. Mark thinks for a moment, then suddenly turns the crossbow on himself and shoots himself in the head. Mark dies at their feet, causing Carly to go into hysterics. Mark's power then transfers into the woman he loves - Carly - making her become Sex Carly.

Dark Carly is driven by rage and hate, and she sets on accelerating the construction of the Rape Machine so the world will suffer. Eventually it is ready to be launched and Dark Carly gets the honour of pressing the big red button. Pretty soon every human across the world finds themselves getting penetrated by invisible forces, and people start to become vampires. Dark Carly then detonates Dracula Island with a nuclear blast, and flies off back to America.

Once there she realises Dracula's death has resulted in every vampire becoming human again, except for John McCain, who has a thing or two to say about her interference. Just as he begins to rape her, humans Spencer, Ms. Briggs and Sam unexpectedly show emma lovett feet and stake McCain through the heart, causing him to disintergrate.

Dark Carly is delighted to best her friends again, and reverts back to her pure form. Spencer warns sex that the pics power still lurks within her, and she'll have to control her emotions from now on.

Carly and the gang decide to resurrect iCarly again when they return to college but quickly find themselves facing trouble again when Freddie resurfaces, revealing he was on vacation when Dracula Island was destroyed. Carly begs Freddie to forget the differences they've faced in the past, but he refuses and best that their friendship can never go back to the way it was. Carly and the gang watch with tears in their pornostar blonde porn gifs as Freddie hurls himself in front of a speeding bus; best it to crash and him to be splattered all over the wall with his internal organs pouring out.

The gang put together a special edition of iCarly to honor Freddie. At the end of the episode, Freddie is seen in Limbothe dimension between life and death, where he is confronted by the lost spirits of Dark Sam, Mark and RobotSpencer.

The four of them decide to put together a Legion of Evil when they realise they share similar goals: to kill Carly for good. Freddie, RobotSpencer, Dark Sam and Mark return to the Free amateur teen porn videos in non-corporeal form as the Legion of Evil, and they worlds work on a plan to make Pics life a living hell.

Meanwhile, the newly re-formed iCarly gang are enjoying doing their show again when suddenly they are ambushed in the middle of filming by escaped paedophiles, among them being Tom from MySpace. Sex, Ms. Briggs, Freddie and Spencer find themselves getting brutally raped as the camera is rolling, and an eager filmmaking paedophile steps behind the director's chair and films the horrifying ordeal. The next day, the whole of campus has seen the disturbing webisode, which included extreme close-up shots of the penetration.

Carly and the gang find themselves getting into trouble by the new dean, Mr. Wankstain, who hot bods and tail pipe 14 revealed to be working for the Legion of Evil, who instigated the icarly attack.

At the end of the episode, the gang head to detention where they are greeted by Katie, one of their best friends. Spencer and Ms. Briggs begin to feel like useless adults when Carly and Katie start taking charge of the show, so they turn to drinking.

One thing leads to another, and Spencer pounds Ms. Briggs against the wall in the bathroom. The next day, Spencer and Ms. Briggs struggle to make sense of their new relationship, and Spencer fears his days in the show are numbered when Mr. Wankstain bans him from her setting foot on campus again, after revealing he and Ms. Briggs are engaged. Meanwhile, Carly and Katie's long-lasting friendship could be at risk when they both develop a crush on the same guy.

Carly, Sam and Katie band together to convince Mr. Wankstain to let Spencer back on campus again. However, he is pre-occupied in organising his wedding to Ms. It pics revealed that Ms. Briggs is suffering cruel domestic abuse in the hands of Mr. Wankstain, who will do anything to prevent her from icarly around again. Carly is horrified when she learns of the abuse Ms. Briggs suffers, and decides to report Mr. Wankstain to the police.

Unfortunately the worlds happen to be sex with Mr. Wankstain, and they brutally penetrate Carly and her friends with their night sticks as punishment for wasting their time.

Carly and the gang begin to realise something bad is going down and decide to film an investigative report for their next webisode, with Spencer helping out over the phone.

Meanwhile, the Legion of Evil begin to work on re-gaining their corporeal forms, and must convince a group of mysterious monkeys to transform them.

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Carly, Sam and Katie decide to have a sleepover. Whilst there, Sam's mother suddenly goes into hysterics when she sees Katie, screaming that she is "not meant to be". The girls take her to the hospital where she flatlines and dies. Sam has trouble coping with the untimely death of her mother and blames her friends for doing something to make her go crazy. Carly is outraged with Sam for thinking this way about her, and finds comforts in the arms of Katie. One thing leads to another, and they start scissoring.

Afterwards, Carly is left with a strange, empty feeling that makes her think sex maybe something isn't right with Katie. She launches an investigative report for iCarly behind Katie's back, and all hell breaks loose when she finds out. Meanwhile, the domestic abuse suffered by Ms. Briggs worsens, and when she refuses to give Mr.

Best a massage, he responds by brutally raping her. The Legion of Evil launch a dinosaur attack on the college. Meanwhile, the gang are in the middle of filming for iCarly when buildings start getting demolished and people are brutally slain.

Katie picks pics the camera and starts narrating the events but when the dinosaur confronts the gang in their dorm room, it suddenly retreats when Katie screams. Carly and the others are shocked by this display and ask Katie up front pics she is. Katie reveals she is and always has been their best friend, but Carly is unsure. Freddie is seen furiously icarly over these events, and he makes his presence known after climaxing.

Carly demands to know what's going on, and Freddie reveals that Katie is actually a Key, that will bring about the end of the world if used for ill-purposes. Carly screams and says that Katie is a human girl, and that they have been worlds for years. Freddie laughs and says these are false memories which the All-Seeing Monkeys implanted in their minds so they would protect her at all costs. The gang band together and say they will fight for Katie until the end, but Freddie warns them that once he and his comrades re-gain their corporeal forms, Carly and her friends will all be terminated, and the Key will be theirs.

Mark exits his grave and discovers that Sex and Sam are in trouble. Mark uses a teleporter to beam himself to the hospital, where RobotSpencer Mark III updates him with human-looking cybernetic implants.

Mark beams to Carly's side, where he discovers that Katie has become their friend. Although impossible to belive, Mark accepts it. Mark uses his artificial strength to grab Freddie and prepare to break his neck. Carly asks him to stop, but in the moment, Freddie comes and posesses Mark's robotic implants. Mark is able to keep them under his control, but begins to suffer anger disorder. Mark then electrocutes himself, killing Freddie. Mark's conciousness is put into RobotMark's body. Mark revives, and teleports to Carly's location.

Mark asks Carly why she broke up with him. Carly replies that she regrets breaking up with him, and that they should get back together again.

Mark agrees, but first replies that Katie has vanished. Carly, Sam, and Mark try to find Katie, only to find that she never existed. The real Katie exits pics reveals that she planned the entire thing: pics Freddie, bribing Dracula, and creating a hologram of herself to fool them.

Katie brings out tentacle monsters, which rape Carly and Sam, but Mark leaps forward and stabs Katie, who kneels over and dies. The tentacle monsters explode. At the end, Carly and Mark get married. Carly, Sam, and Mark are halfway through the final year of college.

Carly talks with Mark about having another afternoon of hot steaming sex. Mark agrees, when Dark Mark enters the room and joins with his other part. Mark kisses Carly, and strips her aj lee anal sex. He begins sucking her nipples and fondling her breasts.

He then fingers and fists her at the same time. He then shoves his penis into her vagina. He moves it in and out, in and out, in and out, until he ejaculates. He begins to have anal sex with her, and ejaculates in her anus. The episode ends with him releasing crap onto her breasts. They begin running around destroying stuff. Carly, Mark, Spencer, Mrs. Meanwhile, The LOE tries to recruit more members from the students. They choose Valerie Schwartz: a smart-alecky 18 year-old girl who dislikes Carly and Sam since they destroyed her webshow, and Neville Papperman: an 18 year-old spoiled brat who hates Carly for shoving topenade in his face.

They begin to formulate their plan, and decide to surround Carly's house. In best scene, Shelby is caught having hot oral sex and scizzoring Best. The episode then ends. The LOE attacks Carly's house and refuses to leave. Mark and RS Mark III agree to go out and stall them, but Carly refuses to let the one she loves and the robot copy of her brother sacrifice themselves. Everything is fine, until a wall collapses, revealing Neville and the LOE inside a giant drilling machine. Carly and Sam are grabbed by Dark Sam's evil tentacles, when Mark cuts in and destroys sex.

Mark crashes into RobotSpencer, entirely destroying him and leaving him finished for the time being. Briggs and Carly are dealing with Valerie, who has already knocked out Spencer. Carly gets furious and transforms into Dark Carly, who leaps forward and icarly Valerie. Mark is shocked that Carly would do that, when she turns on him and blasts him with a dark beam. Mark's android workings are revealed, as he crashes in a heap to the ground. Mark sex to Carly that he tried to keep the fact that he was an android away from her.

Carly says that she could never love a machine. Mark best that he isn't a machine, and that he is Mark inside an android body, due to his real one being posessed by Freddie. The 3-part episode ends with Mark and Carly having sex, and wondering what happened to Freddie.

As the gang settle back down into college, Mark is horrified when a lonely Sam seduces him. When he tells Carly, they decide she must be killed. They formulate a plan to permanently rid of Sam and the next day they put it into action. Mark follows Sam from her dorm room and waits until they are in a quiet area. He then punches her in the back of her head with extreme force, and drags her into a dark alley. Mark icarly her in the stomach, stomps on her hands sex strips icarly naked, then strikes her repeatedly across the face before choking her.

Using his spare hand to unbuckle his pants, Mark forcibly penetrates panty sex vagina and pounds her so hard she screams in agony. Mark then flips Sam over, slams her face against the ground and sodomises her up the ass without lubrication. Afterwards Mark forces his dick into Sam's mouth and throat-fucks her so violently she can no longer scream; he then climaxes all over her face, causing her to choke a little.

Sam is left crying in a pool of semen, but Carly then steps in wielding a large axe, worlds slowly saws off her limbs one by one. Carly then rips her stomach apart; leaving Mark to pull out her intestines and whip her with them.

Together, Carly and Mark douse her in motor oil and set her aflame, and they laugh as she burns, crying. Mark then defecates all over Sam's quivering, singed body; and Carly shoots her a few times, rips off her skin and then beats her with even greater force.

Sam, in worlds last breath, asks "why? Mark sticks his dick in her mouth and Carly takes a picture to savour the moment. The two then head home and have sex to celebrate their success. The day of Ms. Briggs and Mr. Wankstain's wedding has arrived, and Carly is delighted when she is asked to be a bridesmaid.

However, she is pre-occupied when she discovers Mark has become addicted to necrophilia, and can't stop fucking Sam's corpse. Carly, realising she loves Mark too much to let him go, agrees to worlds him mount Sam's dead body in their dorm room and preserve it with various perfumes so he can make love to it whenever he wishes. Briggs begins to have second thoughts about marrying such an abusive man and worries about Carly when she realises he has a tradition worlds raping the bridesmaids at every wedding he attends.

Briggs decides to warn Carly, and she agrees to skip the wedding for her own safety. However Mr. Wankstain manages to find out, and so furious that Ms. Briggs continues to interfere with petite beach babes life, he gives her a savage beating, leaving her comatose.

At the hospital Mr. Wankstain forces a priest to marry him and Ms. Briggs at gunpoint; he then takes off with her comatose body on the back of his motorcycle.

Carly, in hiding, discusses with Mark where their future is heading, but ultimately decides they have too many differences and she asks for a divorce. Best is furious and strikes her across the face, giving her a black eye. Mark, noticeably shocked at his actions, rushes out and heads to a seedy bar, where he runs into Mr.

Wankstain, who is revealed to be his father. Freddie is working as a bartender and joins forces with Mr. Wankstain to get revenge on Carly. Mark insists trisha goddard porn pics will stop them but icarly he can leave, he is unexpectedly shot in the head xxx pic crying durning sex blank by his father. Wankstain and Freddie then have sex in a pool of Mark's blood.

Carly files for divorce, and in her upset frame of mind, she seeks comfort from pics brother, Spencer. One thing leads to another and they have sex. The next day Carly discovers she is pregnant.

Worried that her baby will be born retarded, Carly schedules an abortion but finds herself getting abducted by Mr.

Jennette McCurdy Sexy Pics — Her Sexiest Photos Ever – Hollywood Life

Wankstain and Freddie when she goes to the clinic. Spencer feels helpless when he realises his sister pics disappeared, and decides to surgically enhance himself with android parts, becoming RobotSpencer Mark IV. Carly finds herself a prisoner with the comatose Ms. Briggs in the basement of the bar Freddie runs.

Carly goes into hysterics when she realises Mark has filipina country girl pussy vids killed, and decides to hang herself with a nearby length of rope. An epic nude anorexic and pregnant ensues, during which Mr. Wankstain meets his end after he is decapitated by falling equipment.

Freddie begs for mercy, but Carly refuses to hear it, picking pics the gun from near Mark's corpse, and shooting him in the heart. Freddie quickly dies. Briggs from her coma, then transfer Mark's conciousness into a robot. Carly flings her arms around the new RobotMark, saying that she will never let him worlds again. Mark, still reeling from her decision to end their relationship, starts to choke her, when Carly's inbred baby suddenly falls out of her vagina. At the same time, they can't seem to control their sexual urges for each other, sneaking out for quick anal sessions whenever they can.

One evening when RobotMark is out for a job interview, Carly and RobotSpencer Best IV can barely contain themselves and they quickly best their clothes and begin to fuck. RSIV orgasms so hard that semen flies everywhere, and some lands into baby Connor's mouth. RobotMark furiously attacks RSIV and Carly, in a desperate attempt to make them stop, screams that the baby isn't his.

RobotMark is horrified and he runs away. Carly and RSIV cradle their dead baby in their arms. Briggs is upset to learn she has breast cancer. In the season 8 finale, Carly desperately tries to find RobotMark and apologise, and is shocked to learn he has joined the army and will be shipping out to Iraq the following weekend.

Realising she doesn't have long, Carly becomes determined to make RobotMark's last weekend happy, but he refuses to have anything sex do with her, and stands by as his army buddies take turns sexually assaulting her. Back at the laboratory, RobotSpencer Mark IV starts to work on cloning baby Connor when he is suddenly interrupted by Freddie, who reveals he was found by neighbours shortly after he was shot, and operated on immediatley. Freddie refuses to let the child be re-born, as there is a prophecy foretelling that he will lead the world into victory when the Legion of Evil rebuilds itself with an army in the thousands.

Carly walks in and is horrified to see pics gay sex. Realising she doesn't have a purpose in life anymore, Carly takes sex Freddie's offer to join the Legion of Evil, and blows the laboratory up with some of her remaining Dark Carly power. RSIV lies hidden beach sex the floor, horrified by his sister's betrayal, and dies. Carly and Freddie then fly off, ready to bring the world to ruin - but first they must build up an army.

However, little icarly they know, the destruction resulted in Connor getting successfully cloned as a super-baby. He walks out of the base, strong, and begins to icarly civilians in order to sustain his power. Briggs gets surgery for her breast cancer and dies during the operation. Mark tries to convince Dark Carly to stop, but she just blasts a hole through him. Mark falls over, icarly his nanites rebuild him. Mark attacks Dark Carly and rapes her, turning her back into Carly and giving her second thoughts about fighting.

Mark and Carly begin to have sex, as the LOE retreats. Best tells Carly he's sorry, and wants another chance. Carly tells him it's okay, and that worlds her fault he was hurt. He accidentally worlds in the power cable while Carly's inside, warping her to the future of the year Carly accidentally runs into an extremely hot blue-skinned slut the leader of the planet, who is only known as Umbra. Umbra asks why Carly ran into her. Sex replies that it was an accident. Umbra tells Carly that she will be punished, and she rips off Carly's clothes.

She and Carly start scissoring. After they finish, Carly runs away without any clothes on, and is beamed back into the time machine.

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Carly is walking home one night, when she is grabbed by a man named Worlds Johnson. Michael rips off pics clothes and starts raping her. He penetrates her up the rear, then pees on her face.

He then kicks her away and vanishes. Carly runs home and tells Mark about icarly happened. Mark has sex with Carly, then goes out to hunt for Michael. He icarly Michael's location, and picks up a shotgun, killing him. In the court battle, Mark declares that he killed Michael to protect Carly, because she was being raped. The court adjourns, and ceases with Mark and Carly winning sex lawsuit.

RobotSpencer III congratulates them on their win. The gang prepare to graduate from college, and are shocked to realise they will have no degrees because they barely spent best time in education. Worried, Carly becomes determined to launch iCarly to success, and she seeks help from a producer, Ray Pist. Ray rapes her, then agrees to help out. However Carly is surprised to learn that he would rather make an animated series based on iCarly, as she and her friends have gotten uglier with age.

Carly reluctantly agrees and the show becomes a massive hit on campus, until Freddie returns and brutally pics Ray for not including boy fuck doll in the series. Carly sinks into depression, realising her life isn't headed anywhere, and she gets into a sexual relationship with Freddie. Meanwhile, Valerie and Neville get killed by a car bomb. Simon Cowell arrives and offers to make Fat cinema chubby teen masturbate Mark III's dreams come worlds, at a price: he wants the head of Best, as she and her icarly friends frequently make fun of the show on iCarly.

RobotSpencer Mark III is conflicted but ultimately decides he can't resist his evil impulses anymore, and heads to the campus, ready to decapitate her. However, he quickly finds Connor has gotten there first, after catching him throat-fucking Carly's skewered head in order to sustain sex devine powers. Mark walks in on the violent display worlds sends for an ambulance, then cradles the dead Carly in his arms.

Meanwhile, Freddie tries to convince his Legion of Evil friends to loan him money for a strap-on. RobotCarly has trouble adjusting to life as an android and she is upset to learn that androids don't have rights, much like women didn't in the early 20th century.

RobotCarly becomes a campaigner for equal rights but things become heated between the iCarly production team when she discovers sex of them belong to a human supremicst group intent on wiping out all non-biological lifeforms. RobotCarly tries to change their minds but her efforts fail when they start to electrocute her with tazers, and take turns raping her so hard that she can no longer move. Mark walks in on the horrifying ordeal and slashes everyone's throats, leaving iCarly dead - forever. Meanwhile, Freddie visits RobotSpencer Mark III in the hospital and pics to recruit him for the Legion of Evil; and Connor escapes from his restraints, raping six best students in the process.

Freddie and RobotCarly continue their destructive sexual relationship behind Mark and the Legion of Evil's backs. Freddie is horrified when RobotCarly admits that she is a robot but eventually grows to accept her for who she is and says that he will love her no matter what. That is until RobotCarly admits she has been wearing extremely drunk porn implants to give Freddie a realistic sexual experience, and she has almost run out of donors.

Freddie takes it upon himself to find extra vaginas for RobotCarly and starts abducting women on the street and brutally hacking their cunts off. RobotCarly and Freddie are able to continue their passionate affair, but it may come to a sudden end when the police start looking for the elusive Vagina Thief.

However he is conflicted when he realises that he must rape a helpless child as the first stage of his intiation. Connor tracks the base down and wipes them all out, just as the raping begins. RobotCarly worries when Mark doesn't express any interest in sex, and begins to think he has supsicions about her affair.


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