What does poha mean in portuguese

Deleted user. Featured answer. The word "Porra" means cum, sperm, bro. However, this word is very used in Portuguese, especially when you are surrounded by friends.

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The expression "Eita porra" has a sense of surprise. As alread mentioned, holy crap and holy shit are good translations to the expression "Eita porra. Similarly to other internationally spoken languages, Portuguese profanities' offensiveness varies with context and geographical location, even within the same country.

In terms of offensiveness Portugal can be divide in two main areas: Northern Portugal and Central -and-Southern Portugal.

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Northern Portugal tends to be more prone to using curse words as manner of common informal speech with the vast majority of profanities being used as a way of conveying emotion rather than as way of insulting someone. The offensiveness of these words and expressions is thus dependent mainly on the tone and context. The center and south of Portugal, especially in urban areas, tend to have a more polished speech in regards to swear words with such expressions being used primarily with the intention of offending someone or simply as interjections.

Many of the most used curse words and phrases of Brazilian Portuguese are the same as in European Portuguese. There are exceptions, however:. Last edited: Apr 9, Muito obrigada pela ajuda! This cake is awesome!

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So generally if it refers to a person has a negative connotation, if it refers to an object it could be positive or negative.

Not al all.

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Even for people it can be good flashporntube bad. In Porto I hear "porra" all the time. It really isn't considered profanity anymore, at least I don't think so. It's more along the lines of "damn it". Well, when I was a kid my mom would get angry if I said porra. She would say, "Don't say that". But when you win something it doesn't sound profane at all.

I've won! I think it is worth to remember another meaning of "porra", slightly different of what mglenadel said, when you're frustrated or angry at something or someone: "Que mulher burra da porra!

Poha caralho in English with contextual examples

It works as a slang adverb of intensity, surely not so educated, but not so grave a profanity. PStorm Member Portuguese - Portugal. It is not a very nice word, but it can also be not so bad: it can be a stick, a mace, a mallet. Thus "porrada", levar uma porrada - being beaten with violence; dar uma porrada - to beat with violence. Views Read Edit History.

15 Portuguese Swear Words To Say When You're Pissed

This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat Portuguese Sai fora caralho. English Eu gosto eh di buceta camarads. Portuguese fpd do caralho. English fucking fucking. Portuguese vamos caralho.

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English we fucking. Portuguese puta de caralho. English fucking bitch. Portuguese fodes caralho.


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what does poha mean in portuguese carrie prejean the dirty Recognized as the sibling language of Spanish in South America, Portuguese is a romance language spoken by over M people. While the language originates from Portugal, the majority of Portuguese speakers are from Brazil. Not to worry, many of these overlap. For one, it will help you feel more comfortable with the language if you already swear in your native language. If you want Portuguese to be a language you can speak confidently, instead of just a foreign language, you need to learn everything about the language. But only when you know how to swear properly.
what does poha mean in portuguese xogogo com sexy teen extreme From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Sai fora caralho. Eu gosto eh di buceta camarads. Vai po caralho. More context All My memories Ask Google. Add a translation. Portuguese poha caralho.
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