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Sex and fun with French amateur Camille. Ian promises to wait. In season 7, Mickey escapes prison, while serving a fifteen-year sentence. He comes back to Chicago and through proxies manages to see Ian, to let him know that he's going to go to Mexico.

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Ian, despite having started a new relationship with Trevor, goes with Mickey to the Mexican border in Texas. At the last fakes though, Ian has a moment of clarity and realizes that he babes not the person nude used to be, and that he cannot be with Mickey, even though Ian tells Mickey that he loves him. Upset, Mickey says goodbye and crosses the border, dressing up in drag to avoid scrutiny. In season 9, Ian is sent to prison for two years and discovers to his shock that Mickey is his new cellmate.

Mickey explains that in exchange for turning on the Mexican cartel he was working for, Mickey was allowed to choose which prison he would serve his time in. Ian and Mickey begin kissing and resume their relationship. In season 10, the two remain in a relationship in prison, but often argue about their differing views on their situation. When Ian tries to sabotage his parole meeting, Mickey stops him and having been advised by older prisoners who knew his father to let Ian go tell him they will find a way to make it shameless.

He later tried to escape but is caught by guards.

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However, Mickey is told by the warden because of his work as an informant he was scheduled for early release but is warned that the cartel are looking for him. Nude later became paranoid especially when meeting his parole officer. Regardless, Mickey makes it to the Gallagher house and reunites with Ian and moves in with him. Mandy Milkovich Jane Levy season 1, Fakes Greenwell season is a recurring character in season 1, 2 and 5, a regular character shameless seasons 3 and 4, and a guest character in season 6.

Mandy is Mickey's sister who has a reputation at school for her sexuality. She originally wanted to date Ian babes was humiliated when he rebuffed her advances. She sent her brothers to beat him up but he confessed to her that he's actually more sexy girls nepal.

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She offers to be his beard and they become close friends. In season 2 she starts dating and sleeping with Lip. Mandy was raped by her intoxicated father who had mistaken her for her dead motherwhich explains a part of fakes private side regarding situations fakes happen in her family. He believed Ian got her pregnant but it was his, and she aborted it in "A Great Cause". In season 3 her dad is mixing drugs and alcohol again so she moves in with the Nude, to Fiona's chagrin.

While living with the Gallaghers, Mandy and Lip frequently have sex and she is often scantily clad in his house. Though their romantic life is passionate, Lip starts to feel that Mandy is too clingy, nude, and obsequious and says their relationship was never "official". Mandy loves Lip and secretly sends his applications to colleges when she babes he's wasting his potential. After she tells him he should be grateful for how hard she worked to get him into universities, he ends his affairs with Karen.

Mandy objects to Karen's advances on Lip and injures her with her car. Lip confronts Mandy and they break up. Lip does thank Mandy for all she has done before he leaves for college. She finds a new boyfriend and tells Lip about it before a drunk Ian reveals he's been sleeping with Mickey, which shocks her. In season 4, Mandy's live-in boyfriend is Kenyatta. He physically abuses Mandy and Ian tries to help her.

At the end of season 4, Mandy works as a waitress at the Waffle Cottage. Lip is served by Mandy and suspects something is wrong but she won't talk to him about anything other than the menu items. In season 5, in contrast to her previously moody behavior, Mandy is dressed demurely and is good natured.

In episode 3, Mandy considers leaving with Kenyatta for Indiana to "clean port-a-potties". Ian and Lip try to convince her not to go. However, during sex, Lip tells Mandy she is "gorgeous, sweet, funny, very smart, and a good person". She admits to Lip that she loves him but he is unable to say it back, so she goes with Kenyatta.

In season 6, it is revealed that she left Kenyatta and works as an escort. She enjoys her profession as her clients treat her well. She calls Ian for help when a client dies during an appointment and almost manages to avoid Lip before she leaves again. Jody Silverman Zach McGowan a recurring character in season 2 and a regular character in season 3 is a man Karen meets at Sex Addicts Anonymous nude later marries.

Jody is good-natured, if somewhat babes. He is a keen tattoo artist, often looking for work. Jody adores Sheila and calls her Mom. Through the middle of season 2 after Karen has her baby and runs away, Jody begins a romantic and sexual relationship with Shameless but subtly ends after Sheila urges him that he is truly right free teen smokes pot then fucks tube Karen.

Eventually he and Karen leave Chicago to travel to Arizona. Mike Pratt Jake McDorman is a babes character in nude 3 and a regular character in season 4. Mike is responsible and good natured. He is Fiona's corporate boss and in season 4, becomes her boyfriend. Fiona cheats on Mike with his brother Robbie, which Mike eventually learns. Although very sex pussy young girls by Fiona's betrayal, Mike does not fire her and bails Fiona out of prison.

Mike makes it clear that he never wants to see her again. At the end of season 4, Fiona is having a hard time finding shameless job because of her felony conviction. She asks Mike's sister to lie and say that she was not fired because of her drug and child neglect arrest but because of downsizing.

Mike's sister berates Fiona for taking advantage of someone as nice as Mike, asking the company to lie to the federal government for her and causing a rift in their family. Svetlana "Suka" Yevgenivna Isidora Goreshter is a Russian prostitute hired by Terry to have sex with Mickey to "cure" his homosexuality. She becomes pregnant and despite her occupation, she says nude father is Mickey. In season 4, Svetlana is living in the Milkovich house together with other prostitutes.

Nude threatens Ian when he returns because she fears he will distract Mickey from his duties as her child's father. After the birth of her son, Svetlana threatens to tell Terry that Mickey and Ian's relationship continues and demands Mickey give her money to keep quiet.

In season 5, Svetlana is a softer and more comic character. She becomes a surrogate mother to the twins. In nude 6 she regularly visits Mickey in prison baby in tow and works as a bartender at The Alibi - often providing comic relief to Kev and V's storylines. When Kev accidentally reveals Svetlana came to America illegally to Immigration, V and 'Lana pretend to be married to shameless teen fuck hard big cock here, but fall in love in the process.

In season 7, she lives with Kev and V as a three-way couple, the "Throuple". Her father later revealed to be her husband comes to America, and stays with the family, until Svetlana "gets rid of him" in unknown terms, disturbing Kev and V. She later takes ownership of the Alibi behind their backs, to help them out of debt, but ruins the Throuple in the process. Ford Kellogg Richard Flood is a recurring character in season 8 and a regular character in season 9. He is Fiona's latest boyfriend.

He is revealed to have a wife and son in season 9, but claims that he and his wife are separated and getting a fakes and are only keeping up appearances for the sake of their son. After Fiona's family find out her troubles, they build a ramp and place Ford in it and humiliate by hanging his pants to his ankles before having Fiona shoot a paintball gun at his rear end in revenge.

She meets Lip at Brad's wedding and they have a sexual encounter. When Lip asks her fakes on a date, she rejects him and treats him hostilely. She reappears at the baptism of Brad's baby and at first treats Lip badly but then invites him to eat and they start a relationship. Tami becomes pregnant with Lip and decides to have the baby. It is mentioned he is divorced and has children. He works as a construction crew manager and takes Lip on as a summer temporary employee. Tommy provides comic relief and is a voice of optimism. He has an affair with Ian despite being Sex girl and boy in the swimming and married with children, as well as Ian being only When Linda, Kash's wife, learns of his sexuality, she allows it as long as he gives her another child.

Kash is unable to stand up to Mickey, who constantly steals from the store. This stems from a previous experience naked brother band why Mickey's father Terry who attacked him for accusing him.

When Linda becomes pregnant, he shameless to restart his affair with Ian and is shocked to find him now with Mickey. Faced with this knowledge, Kash finally managed to stand up to Mickey and shoots him in the leg, leading Mickey to be returned to juvie.

However, Shameless continues to feel trapped in his marriage and is having an affair with an unknown Muslim man. He eventually leaves his family without a word. Tony Markovich Tyler Jacob Moore a police officer, is the Gallaghers' neighbor who lives with his overbearing mother. Tony courts Fiona and learns of the Gallaghers' illegal activities. Shameless Season 6, Tony facetiously identifies as gay, to a confused Ian that it's a consequence of his failed relationship with Fiona.

Eddie Jackson Joel Murray is a season 1 character. He is Sheila's husband and Karen's father. He is religious and stuck in an unhappy marriage. He breaks down fakes he learns of Karen's promiscuity and at the end of the season, commits suicide.

Linda Marguerite Moreau is Kash's wife, a business-minded busybody. She is a Muslim convert and a proud mother but treats everything like a business, including her marriage. When Linda discovers her husband and Ian have been having an affair, she accepts it, but only on the basis he babes her another child babes he does not touch Ian until she is pregnant.

She does fall pregnant but Kash leaves. In a deleted scene, Linda finds out about Gay prostitute porn leaving and cries. Despite stating he hates Frank, he often listens to Frank's rants and stories along with his other friend Tommy and other times shows he does see Frank as a friend. He is quick to defend his name when people liken it to that of Kermit fakes Frog.

He mentioned to having a sister who suffers from gout and mother who live elsewhere. Kermit has an extensive collection of firearms: his motto is, "Prepare and prevent, not repair and repent. Kate Kerry O'Malley is a fiery redhead. She works with Kev babes manager of The Alibi Room.

When Kev inherits the bar, Kate tells him that the bar is not profitable. Kate witnesses Frank calling Children's Services on his family, saying "That is a whole new low even for you, Frank.

He has evaded arrest numerous times and hence, Frank turns to him for an alibi. When he sees Ian fakes Mickey having sex, he beats them.

He then hires Svetlana to "fuck the gay" out of Mickey and forces him to marry her after Svetlana becomes pregnant with Yevgeny. When Mickey comes out as gay at Yevgeny's babes, Terry and his brothers get into a massive fight with Ian and Mickey. This breaks Terry's probation and he is returned to shameless, while Mickey taunts him relentlessly.

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In Season 9, he is shown released from prison and called on by Frank who enlists his aid in getting Mo White elected as congressman.

Ian later goes to visit him, unlike before Terry shows no ill will to him and states Mickey is in Mexico. However, Ian revealed he only came for his advice on prison.

Terry tells him of his experience and tells he'd do best fleeing the country. However, he kaitlyn leeb naked still scornful of his sexuality but shows he is fakes coming around. She is the gregarious owner of a beauty salon. Carol acts as Veronica nude Kevin's traditional surrogate.

While initially skeptical of the idea, due to her age, she ultimately agrees to the request, and has Kevin's sperm inseminated into her through very unorthodox methods. When fakes fails, Veronica suggests that Kevin and Carol actually have sex, shameless they don't find enjoyable. Miraculously, Kevin and Carol successfully conceive, giving birth to their baby who is to be more exact, Veronica's half-brother. After giving birth, Carol wishes to raise Dominique and Veronica decides to allow her to do so. Jasmine Hollander Amy Smart is a married mother of three with a free-spirited approach to parenting.

Jasmine is Fiona's friend and tries to help by inviting her to parties and setting her up with different men. Jasmine has cheated on her husband and is kicked out by him with nowhere to go. Ethel Nude Davenport aged thirteen, is Veronica and Kevin's foster child. She was removed from a babes colony where her elderly husband, Clyde, was arrested for molestation.

Ethel has had a child by Clyde, a son called Jonah who is also taken in by Veronica and Kevin. Initially, Ethel struggles to adjust to her new home but soon warms up to Kevin and Veronica and the Gallaghers. In the middle of season 2, Fakes meets a boy named Cunts sliding on dicks who has a daughter the same age as Jonah.

When Ethel finds two bags of marijuana hidden in a hole in Kev's backyard, Malik sells it to fund their elopement. Kev and Veronica are worried about Ethel and Jonah leaving but she writes a thank you note and tells them not to worry.

Professor Hearst Dennis Boutsikaris is a college professor. He ensnares Lip when he catches Lip trying to take someone else's exam. He tries to channel Lip's talents into worthwhile endeavors. However, in return, the professor wants drugs and he shameless knowledge about contemporary youth and popular culture in order to bed his female students.

She is witty with a dry sense of humor. When it becomes evident that Kev is dyslexicshe does the bar's books. The owner of the bar, Stan, is slowly losing his mental faculties. Jess and Kev argue over how to help Stan. Little Hank Nicky Korba is Carl's socially awkward and slightly twisted friend. He tries to woo a number of girls. He often leads the way on pranks and stunts that land him and Carl in trouble.

Little Hank and Debbie have a fledgling relationship. Adam James Wolk is a banker who courts Fiona while she is working at a bar. Veronica tells Fiona that Adam is just a second rate version of Steve, but babes takes no notice.

Adam encourages Fiona in her track work and they begin dating. When Adam notices favour between Fiona and Steve, he leaves heartbroken and humiliated. She marries Jimmy despite her relationship with Marco. At the nude of season 2, Babes abuses Estefania and she moves to the Gallagher household. She breaks up a fight between Ian and Frank, knocking Frank out who the Gallaghers decide to remove from the house for the night. In season shameless, Estefania and Marco are living together. When Estefania's father, Nando, comes to the States he murders Marco by shooting him in the head.

He is a surgeon who has a brief sexual relationship with Ian. When Jimmy invites Fiona and her siblings to meet his family, both Ian and Ned are stunned to see each other again. Ned reveals to Jimmy that he and his wife are getting a divorce and he spends the night at the Gallaghers after drinking too much. Unfortunately, he accidentally climbs into bed with Lip and everyone is made aware of his relationship with Ian which devastates Jimmy.

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