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His weapon, folded on his hip.

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On closer view of the opening I saw this. Hammer girl. I call her racer. Javascript is required to view comments normally. Love Imgur? Join our team!

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Ruby Rose ? Yang Xiao Long ? Weiss Schnee ? Blake Belladonna ? Pyrrha Nikos ? Pyrrha Nikos ? Neopolitan ? Jaune Arc ? Cinder Fall ? Aestheticc-Meme ? Kali Belladonna ? Nora Valkyrie ? Winter Schnee ? And this guy.

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He was also seen in the trailer. He's a dog? Uses a big bomerang-gun. Use old embed code.


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rule34 rwby naked black women showing playing with toy The Atlas Special Ops. Or the ASOps Ace-ops? Aesop's Fables reference We just know the middle guy's name: Clover Ebi. Their silhouettes. I don't know if the colors are relevant.
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