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This character will not be a video game or manga character. I mean not from existing ones, this will be my own character. Great work, have been quietly following this thread for a while. Taking lots of screenshots and a making of would be greatly appreciated. There is a. I plan to work on one main character and have that character as a consistent reference point throughout the sections, but the more reference and worked examples we have the better! If you are interested doax helping out with your new character it would be great. Just trying to get as many tutorials, making of, etc in the one spot to help people improve their skills.

Nude Kagi, how are you! It has been a long time I did not post in this forum…Time is going on. And what a coincidence, I was watching to a tutorial nude hair modeling added with particules. Did you ever heard about particle instances? Works in Progress. Very nice! Your doc of your mesh deform cage helped me very much.

Thank you Well, I decided to start the skeleton almost from scratch and to work seriously on the rigging. I followed some tutorials so thanks to their their author! PapaSmurf PapaSmurf April 24,pm


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