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Depending on the context, exposure of the buttocks in non-intimate situations can cause feelings of embarrassment or humiliation, and embarrassment or amusement in an onlooker see pantsing. Willfully exposing one's own bare buttocks as a protest, a provocation, or just for fun is called mooning. In many punitive traditions, the buttocks are a common target for corporal punishmentwhich can be meted out with no risk of long-term physical harm compared with the dangers of applying it to other parts of the body, such as the hands, which could easily be damaged.

Caning in Singapore is widely used as a form of judicial corporal punishmentwith male convicts being sentenced to a caning on their bare buttocks. In Western and some other cultures, many comedians, writers carmen cocks porn videos others rely on the buttocks as a source of amusement, camaraderie and fun. There are numerous colloquial terms for the buttocks.

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In American Englishphrases use the buttocks or synonyms especially "butt" and "ass" as a synecdoche or pars pro toto for a whole person, butts with a negative connotation. For example, terminating an employee may be described as "firing his ass".

One might say "move your ass" or "haul ass" as an exhortation to greater haste or urgency. Expressed as a function of punishment, defeat or assault becomes "kicking one's ass". Such phrases also may suggest a person's characteristics, e.

In America an annoying person or any source of frustration may be termed "a pain in the ass" a synonym for "a pain in the neck". People deemed excessively puritanical or pics may be termed "tight asses" butts Australia and New Zealand, "tight arse" refers to someone who is excessively miserly. Certain physical dispositions of the buttocks—particularly size—are sometimes identified, controversially, as a racial characteristic see race. A famous example was the case of Saartjie Baartmanthe so-called "Hottentot Venus".

There are many colloquial terms to refer to them, including:. The s were well known for the fashion trend among women called the bustlewhich made even the smallest buttocks appear huge.

The popularity of this fashion is shown in the famous Georges Seurat painting A Pics Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte in the two women to nude far left and right. Like long underwear with the ubiquitous "butt flap" used to allow baring only the bottom with a motion gesture, as for hygiene hot naked men movies, this clothing style was acknowledged in popular media such as cartoons and comics for generations afterward.

More recently, the cleavage of the buttocks is sometimes exposed by some women, deliberately or accidentally, as fashion dictated trousers be worn lower, as with hip-hugger motion. Why oh why did Keanu Reeves yes you chose Alexandra over me! Nude the hell!? Am I not good enough for you?

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Usually, the camera's gaze upon naked flesh is presented as stimulation; visual pleasure is linked to sexual pleasure. Here, though, you might as well be looking at a chair, or the treadmill itself. The film becomes a kind of lightly mocking parody of pornography. Callously evaluating other humans on the basis of isolated body parts ends up as noticeably anticlimactic when the body parts get too isolated.

Ono removes sex from nudity in FOUR. Even more dramatically, she separates gender and nudity as well. Perhaps a more expert butt observer could categorize the butts into male and female, but it isn't immediately apparent whose rear is whose. Laura Mulvey's gaze theory argued that classic narrative cinema codifies sexual difference, encouraging male viewers to identify with the male protagonist who gazes, and setting women up as sexualized forms to be gazed upon.

FOUR doesn't separate the sexes; instead, it makes them indistinguishable. Viewers don't identify with a male or female body. Instead, they look upon universal butts, and are therefore positioned pics universal butts themselves.

Anyone can be on that treadmill, and any butt is every butt. Bottom looks upon bottom and, with some confusion, fails to recognize itself. Many who saw the film nude hear the call.


nude butts motion pics lacey grant southern charms Noah Berlatsky. This is the most recent post in a series on women filmmakers. The last, on The Heartbreak Kidis here. The surprising answer? Five minutes of butts. The silent black-and-white film shows a series of close-ups of nude butts, filmed as the butt-owners walk on a treadmill. Each butt is shown for 10 seconds, and the cuts between them are quick and unobtrusive, so you can barely tell where one begins and the other ends.
nude butts motion pics anal pussy sex xxx The buttocks singular: buttock are two rounded portions of the anatomy, located on the posterior of the pelvic wet dreams porn movie of primates including humansand many other bipeds or quadrupeds, and comprise a layer of fat superimposed on the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles. The two gluteus maximus muscles stabilise the hip joint and are the largest muscles in the entire human body; responsible for propelling the entire body forward when running and walking, ensuring the proper functioning of the entire leg. In many cultures, they play a role in sexual attraction. There are several connotations of buttocks in art, fashion, culture and humor, and the English language is replete with many popular synonyms that range from polite colloquialisms "posterior", "backside" or "bottom" to vulgar slang "arse," "ass," "bum," "butt," "booty," "prat". In humans the buttocks are located between the lower back and the perineum.
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