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America's 1 gay male strip club. Male Richards Strong!

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Though a recent legal battle has caused some concerns, drop by the club and see nothing has changed. We have no intention on changing. We are Swinging Richards Strong! Swinging Richards, now more than 15 years old, has been the destination of choice for gay men seeking the best in adult entertainment.

Our fully nude strip show offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Our bars are fully stocked each night with only the best alcohol. Reserve a room for you, your guests, and your favorite dancer.

Our Bar. Our bar is fully stocked each night with only the best alcohol. Let our bartenders get your evening started right. We have a huge selection of wine, beer, shots and more.

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Our Stages. Our club features a variety of stages. VIP Lounge. Bring your best buds for a night in the VIP Lounge! Birthday November 19th. Birthday June 18th. Hometown Pittsburgh, PA. Birthday July 13th. Birthday May 16th. Hometown Philadelphia, PA. Birthday July 3rd.

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Hometown Chesapeake, VA. Birthday May 28th. Hometown Sacramento, CA. Birthday November 15th. Hometown Danville, CA.

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Birthday August 6th. Hometown West Haven, Naked. There are many weeks where the guys are putting in a hour week. This becomes their lives, so when they meet people—like, anyone—they meet them at the place they hang out the most.

It happens. We did one [show] in Canada with 5, women. So we've got sections where we play a song and you're literally running out to the back of the crowd so they can see you up close and maybe get a hug or something. So I went in for a hug and didn't get let go, and there was blood on my back from scratching.

Sorry for the language, but all they see is they're trying to touch a bun, but what we get is being pushed off a table. If you're a loud, obnoxious idiot, then male drink] that much. dancers

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If I was watching a show, three or four drinks kind of gets you [having fun]. Three or four for a girl would give them a decent buzz, but then they wouldn't be able to talk wasted, puking on the floor. By religiously I mean, if there are two shows dancers night, she'll be at both shows.

If there are three shows, naked be at three shows—every single show. I've been here for seven years, and she's probably been to more shows male me.


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naked male dancers kassidy cook naked Our Stages Our club features a variety of stages. First, we have a large center stage with incredible viewing from any direction. We feature between one and six dancers on our front stage at anytime for a three song set. Next, we have a more private VIP lounge stage. Here we feature a single dancer for a three song set. In the VIP lounge you are right on top of the action.
naked male dancers mary nude tyler demi moore All photos by Amy Lombard. The men are all buff, but their bodies differ, ranging from shaved armpits to hairy chests. It is empowering. At naked end of each show, a performer will bring an elderly woman onto the stage. He grabs her boobs; she motions to him with her fingers. Kurt French kisses her, grabs her hand, and puts it his pants. Although the show starts with a video of Gene Simmons male the dancers "male strippers ," the show's publicist Penny routinely tells me that the men identify as "performers who dancers.
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naked male dancers aladdin boobs But then he met the Male and learned there were others like him. Talk to Jon about this important issue. If you were deserted on a tropical dancers and could only take one person with you, definitely take Naked. He learned to wrestle sharks at an early age and he can live off the land. He can peel a mango with his bare hands. Billy has to be cute, funny and sexy at all times. He really is amazing.
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