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Yet for many people, migration is not a choice. Many are forced to leave their homes, fearing conflict and violence, or fleeing from persecution and human rights violations. The flightless, fast-running Guam Rail Hypotaenidia owstoni — the second bird in history to recover after being declared Extinct in the Wild, after the California Condor Gymnogyps californianus. Once widespread on the Pacific island of Guam, its numbers declined after the Brown Tree Snake Boiga irregularis was accidentally introduced at the end of World War Two.

Inthe last wild Guam Rail was killed by this invasive predator.

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Thanks to a year captive breeding programme, the Guam Rail is now established on the neighbouring Cocos Island. However, the bird is still classified as Critically Endangered — one step away from extinction. This includes the recovery of the Guam Rail, a bird previously listed as Extinct in the Wild. Ocean oxygen loss, driven by climate change and nutrient pollution, is a growing menace to fisheries and species such as tuna, marlin and sharks, according to the report released today at the UN Climate Change conference in Madrid.

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