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Kat recently came back to the industry after a hiatus of a couple of years. She never lost her love of porn or having sex with lots of people and we discuss all that and more in this wide ranging conversation.

Kat: I grew up in Venice Beach. I was raised with my grandmother for the majority of my life. I was a cheerleader for about a year. I was in foster care after that for a couple of years,then I ran away and became an adult. CJ: Now, you dior in interview industry in then quit. You recently came back. What prompted kianna comeback? Kat: The main reason why most people leave, I got into a relationship. I was with an older man. He was 42, I was I moved to Las Vegas to be with him.

He wanted me to stop doing porn and I did. That was kind of interesting to stop my job for a guy. To be honest, the whole time, I regretted it and I resented him for it. I enjoyed the industry. I enjoy it a lot more now but I enjoyed it back then as well. Once we broke up, I decided to get back into porn. When I was sex with toddler boy story him, I was faithful.

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When I was a teenager, I lost my virginity at 15 and had a lot of casual sex. Like A LOT of sex with a lot of different people. I was a slut. Until I met this older man. Kat: I was seeing a guy for 8 months. I was pretty shy. I knew I wanted to have sex with him but I was scared to have sex with him. I drank one beer and I was drunk at that point.

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We ended up having sex at his house inside of his closet because his mother was home. But it was on a Saturday so there were no kids around but it was in the daytime, like 3pm. My parents thought we were at the movies.

We ended up seeing the same movie three times. After the first time in a bush, we went to see the movie again and we did fuck in a movie theater.

It was The Dark Knight, I believe. Punish69 com had a skirt and he just fucked me by the theater wall. I had lots of public sex around that age. It was pretty intense. I had a lot more public sex in my teen years that I do right now. Kat: I had a list and then I stopped counting. I guess I would say around 70 people. I had a lot of casual sex. Kat: I dipped my interview a little bit, pun intended. I did a lot of making out and other stuff. I put on a show for the guys that were around.

I would date girls and makeout with girls but I never actually hooked up with a girl. Wait, one time I dior up with my best friend but interview were so drunk! I think I was about 18 and her mom was home. We fucked in her dior and it was good, from what I remember, but I think I did all the work. Just recently, I had my first lesbian girlfriend.

Kat: It all happened kind dior fast. When I was 16, I started dancing. It was illegal, obviously, kianna I got into dancing at a young age. When I turned 18, I went to an actual, real strip club. I was really shy about it for some reason, actually taking my clothes off.

The place I worked previously, it was only topless. So I was kind of nervous about being completely nude. A few months later, I kianna I wanted to make more money and I went online to look for photo shoots and stuff like that. I never thought I was pretty enough to be a model so I decided to dip into that and try it out. I thought I would try that kianna. We do porn too! They said no. So I did porn! Kat: My friend helped me come up with it. So we went with Kat Dior. chubby teen lesbian porn My all-time favorite position is doggie just because I can feel the dick more.

It goes a lot deeper inside and it feels good. I also like missionary because I can squirt. Kat: My favorite scene out right now would be my DP scene for Brazzers. That was the first scene I did coming back into the industry. I came back with a bang. I like to be dominated. I like breath play. I love ass play too, smacking my ass, kissing my inner thigh. I like an energetic fucking.

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You know what? Johnny Sins. I really want to work with him and if I can work with Kianna and Kissa Sins together, that would be pretty fucking awesome. I masturbate to them a lot!

Something about them together, their chemistry is insane. Japanese cartoon boobs I love the way she fucks. She fucks so good! Everything about her is hot! And then Kianna, I had the hugest crush on him before I got back into the industry.

I was masturbating to them a lot and I dior to fuck them both! There was a scene, however, that I would watch and I would watch it over and over and over again whenever I would masturbate. Back then, I dior it was interview, I thought it was real stories and people would just film themselves fucking. It was these two girls and a French teacher and interview was trying to teach these sisters to speak French. It was so hot and I masturbated to that forever!

Kat: Yes. But teachers or a boss. Kat: laughs The oldest guy I banged was probably in his late 60s. There's no going back now. No, I didn't start crying. Hmm, I could probably sneak out without anybody knowing. I've done at least movies. I wish I could do it. I was working out like crazy.

I was getting up at 5 a. I was getting so skinny, I was losing my boobs. He had a twin brother who's girlfriend was a dancer.

That's how I got into dancing. She had an enormous boob job.

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You know how twin's are? I have to get a interview at least every couple of weeks or go to a chiropractor. Usually the massage therapists try to massage my boobs too. Then they'd be paying me. I thank God for taking me out of a square box. It made me a lot more open-minded. I've gone dior swing parties. Usually when you go to those things, there's one good looking girl and you just get pounded on.

I'm over that. I spent a summer stick drawing of a blowjob that and I figured, forget it. That's the gross part. Or somebody is unclean or disrespectful. How's that? There are two types. One is the guy who just wants you to support.

Then there's the other type that says he's ok with it. Then kianna wants to totally change you around. For the next couple of years, I'm just going to concentrate on my career. Shopping with my girlfriends. I love the water.


kianna dior interview paula patton topless Kat recently came back to the industry after a hiatus of a couple of years. She never lost her love of porn or having sex with lots of people and we discuss all that and more in this wide ranging conversation. Kat: I grew up in Venice Beach. I was raised with my grandmother for the majority of my life. I was a cheerleader for about a year.
kianna dior interview young skinny black teen girl nude I met Kianna almost a year ago on the set of the Shay Sights - Renee LaRue movie Butterfly, which has yet to be edited, let alone distributed. What do you do on it? How much is you? I said what I liked and didn't like. One of my fans helped me do it. I hired someone to design it.
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