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The Wives Are Getting Wild & Emotional During Shannon’s Birthday - RHOC Highlights (S14 Ep11)

Tamra and Braunwyn eventually migrate to the hot tub, with Braunwyn losing her top along the way, where Gina, modestly dressed in a red bikini, is agape at their immodesty.

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But if Gina thought that was shocking what must she have thought when Braunwyn revealed the bedroom fantasy she provides as a gift for her husband on his significant birthdays. Hint: she says she totally would not mind inviting Tamra to the celebration. As Kelly gets more and more wound up about Vicki, the bad words fly.

Not content to simply share the wonders of the human body, she then went full Real Housewife and let Kelly prove her claim at the dinner table. By Peter Larsen plarsen scng. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

And, mission more or less accomplished, they've now fired Lydia McLaughlin. Make of that what you will. When the tables stop being flipped?

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When the wine glasses stop being thrown? When the scripts stop being sent and you've suddenly been demoted from D-Lister to Z-Lister? Early Thursday morning, Kim Richards was arrested for public drunkenness and some really indecent behavior that may have included kicking a cop. It was an embarrassing incident for the reality star, one her colleagues have labeled a "cry for county but Richards can at least find solace in the following:. You've seen them wives shade You've seen them scream and yell, cry and hug, and laugh with and at one another.

You've seen them get married, get divorced, raise children, raise their voices orange cause a raucous at house on a nearly monthly basis for years. Tamra was understandably less than pleased with her former co-star's assessment, and she slammed Gretchen in awesomely passive-aggressive fashion in an interview with Radar Online today. Nude Barney is unafraid to dish it out online, or on TV, or in person, but a recent f-bomb she dropped on Gretchen Rossi's fiance might have taken it too far.


Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino will be noticeably absent if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online and catch up on last night's premiere.

Suffice it to say, returning cast members Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson aren't exactly what you'd call broken up over the exile of their former co-stars. That's Orange County, of course. A Bravo insider tells Star that Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino have both been fired from the franchise, the former for making up facts about her life in order anal beads movie get more screen time and the latter because producers didn't think she brought much to the show.

Did anyone else ever imagine Miley Cyrus and the OC housewives being mentioned in the same sentence?

'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Tamra Judge poses completely naked

Yeah, me neither. He'll sit down with the domestic divas and rehash the highs and lows of the OG Housewives' franchise. He's got Lauri Peterson in the house so we know this is going to be good.

Channeling her inner Marilyn to meet Slade atop L.

Episode 8: Naked Wasted | The Real Housewives of Orange County Photos

Just what Monday night needs, right? And Vicki will make a surprising announcement about Brooks. But not before she can receive a new nickname, of course. Gretchen, on the other hand, is looking to pop the question!

Gretchen Rossi The Real Housewives of Orange County - The Hollywood Gossip

No big deal. Things heat up between Gretchen and Heather as more than just snowballs are thrown between them. Jul 18, pm Posted in: Celebrity Gossip. But she still knows how to make headlines.


house wives of orange county nude ereface She calls Tamra to vent. When the call is over, Vicki demonstrates her ability to twist logic like an Escher staircase, blaming Emily for the whole contretemps because she went and told Kelly what Vicki had said about the alleged — and clearly bogus — schoolyard ban. Shannon Storms Beador has thoughtfully paid someone to make leggings out of fabric on which teen gets face fucked porn printed the smiling, disembodied faces of all the housewives. As one does. If she had passed him a note that asked him to check yes or no to whether he liked Shannon back, it could not have been more grade school-y. Back at the villas Tamra, who is always the nudest of the housewives, jump in the pool with Braunwyn who for the moment is in her lingerie. Vicki and Shannon are having none of this funny business.
house wives of orange county nude pretty women plaboy topless But before the precious baby girl made her big debut, people were not too happy with the fact that Gretchen took way too long to share her with the world. We've heard that one of the priorities that producers had for this past season was to try to reunite Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge. That goal was apparently why they brought back Lydia McLaughlin. And, mission more or less accomplished, they've now fired Lydia McLaughlin. Make of that what you will. When the tables stop being flipped?
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